More than 130 projects participating in the Scientific Initiative Contest 2023

The scientific initiative contest organized by VnExpress to close the gate received from 12h on 10/3 after more than 2 months of launching, receiving more than 130 records.

The records participating in the competition are evenly applied in areas such as biomedical – biochemical, technology, agriculture, environment and new materials. Candidates from many provinces and cities across the country, of which the large rate comes from Hanoi, Dien Bien, Ho Chi Minh City, Hai Phong, Nghe An, Ninh Thuan, Quang Ninh, Hai Duong, Thai Binh …

Many research works of scientists, young researchers and students from schools and universities throughout the country. Projects stand out with high scientific content, such as curcumin compounds on MOF materials that are applied in the field of biomedical from chemical, biological and environmental groups. Many products and solutions have high practical applicability such as new wastewater treatment system for shrimp farms or skin treatments with bark …

In particular, this year there are many authors who are amateur inventors from localities, bringing with them many solutions and initiatives to serve life. Among these, the project “produces silk from the tiger’s tongue leaves to do wig” of students Tran Thi Quynh, Muong Nhe, Dien Bien. Natural silk from tiger tongue leaves can be used for wig, durable, diverse colors, good heat resistance, so it can easily change the style. Or a project “Automatic sprinkler with application of soil moisture sensor and heat” in agriculture applied 4.0 is invented in accordance with cultivation, climate and soil conditions in Dong Thap province.
From March 10 to 14, the Organizing Committee of the 2023 Creative Science Contest (CReative Science) will screen for valid records to enter the second round – preliminary round (taking place from March 14/ – – March 31). The approved documents will be posted on the contest page.

In this round, VnExpress readers will vote for the product/solution that they love and appreciate. The Organizing Committee and the jury will score and select the test to the final round. The final score of each project includes the voting score and the judge’s evaluation score. Of which 40% of readers voted and 60% of the judges.

The scientific initiative competition with 4 stages: Receiving applications, preliminary types, finals and awards ceremony. The awards ceremony will take place in May. This year the prize is raised to VND 300 million. In particular, the special prize of VND 100 million, the first prize of VND 70 million, the second prize of VND 50 million, the third prize of VND 30 million and the consolation prize of VND 20 million. Especially, the contest has a “initiative” category awarded to products and special initiatives to serve people in remote areas and mountainous areas worth VND 30 million.

The entire prize money is funded by the Hope Foundation. This is the social and charitable fund for community, non -profit, operated by VnExpress newspaper and FPT Joint Stock Company. The fund pursues two goals: supporting difficult circumstances and creating motivation for development. One of the fund activities is to promote technology application, equipped with sustainable development tools for individuals and communities, especially knowledge equipment through education.

In addition to cash rewards, the authors also have other benefits such as the opportunity to communicate on the platforms of VnExpress electronic newspaper, connected to interested partners for development, completion, business. Product sales.

VnExpress organizes the competition to create a playground for scientific and technological lovers; Towards specialized and amateur scientists under the age of 40, to find initiatives, solutions, connectivity to accelerate the application of progress of science and technology. The program is to encourage the scientific research movement, motivating the development and application of life initiatives for life.

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