‘Ho Chi Minh City needs more businesses to set up the R&D center’

The overseas Vietnamese intellectuals contribute to Ho Chi Minh City to develop a mechanism to prefer preferential for businesses that have both a large scale to set up a development research center (R&D) to improve their competitiveness.

The idea was Mr. Vo Quang Hue, a Vietnamese overseas Vietnamese, former Director of Bosch Vietnam, said at the seminar “Intellectuals, Kieu Cuong donated to build and develop Ho Chi Minh City” organized by the Fatherland Front of the City , March 10 morning.

He said that with the potential and position of the city, not many businesses invest in R&D centers for research and development of products. Meanwhile, this helps research to improve technology, improve product quality, reduce costs, improve the competitiveness of businesses.

Taking evidence at Bosch Vietnam, where he has worked for many years, has invested a team of more than 5,000 people working as R&D. As a result, the development of automatic car operating system and many products attracted the market.
“At the size of the business, it is necessary to set up a R&D center,” he said. In order to do this with businesses with little financial resources, according to him, there should be a combination of several businesses in the same industry, with the same target vision. In order to develop the network and find human resources, businesses can participate in cooperation with universities and order to create opportunities for students to work and develop their ideas. The model of the R&D center in the business is also the cradle that attracts experts and overseas Vietnamese to contribute intelligence.

Proposing the support mechanism for the R&D center model in the enterprise, Mr. Hue said that the Ho Chi Minh City government needs to develop mechanisms to support tax exemption and reduction … to attract businesses to establish middle -aged businesses. Mind R&D.

At the conference, experts also propose solutions to build smart city models, treat environmental pollution, develop high -tech agriculture, urban planning …

Acquiring the comments, Mr. Huynh Thanh Nhan, Director of the Department of Home Affairs of Ho Chi Minh City, said that it will report to the City People’s Committee assigned according to the expertise of departments to advise and build the most appropriate policy.

He said that on the basis of Resolution 31 of the Central Government on the direction of development of Ho Chi Minh City to 2030 with a vision to 2045, the city is developing a pilot resolution to develop a number of outstanding policies. This draft is aimed at 7 policies proposed by the city, including focusing on attracting talents with policies such as houses, vehicles … with the decentralized mechanism for the city to be more active.
Mr. Nhan said that in the draft, the city is interested in attracting enterprises to invest in building R&D centers, creative innovation centers in the field of information technology, new materials, biotechnology, functions quantity, microchips, seaports … Enterprises investing in the city are entitled to preferential such as taxes, land lease … In addition, the draft aims to propose specific budget finance, develop the dollar. Thi, administrative reform.

“This draft is expected to submit to the Government and the National Assembly for approval in May,” Nhan said.

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